Left Brain, Right Brain 🧠

Left Brain, Right Brain 🧠

Building Technology Products for Elite Athletes

The delicate balance of creating value for those that have dedicated their blood, sweat, and tears to their craft

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·Apr 11, 2022·
Building Technology Products for Elite Athletes


As founder and Chief Product Officer for Phlex, I've had the unique privilege of leading the development of product experiences for the highest tier of athletes in competitive swimming. At this point, I have led the launch of 2 hardware products as well as a suite of software tools for consumers and enterprises that continues to grow.

Not only do I have wealth of Entrepreneurial experience in elite sports industries, I was also an athlete myself, having reached the pinnacle of swimming in USA Swimming, the Olympic Trials.. Nowadays I find myself doing a lot of market research and user testing to find what the best implementation is for technology with elite athletes.

Here are some of my thoughts


Find the value

Tailor to their needs

Take advantage of adaptability

Show long-term growth

Improve the experience

Create a mental podium

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